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Below at patchnotes for the recently released 3.7 patch:

Patch 3.7 changes

AI Fixes and Updates:

  • Standard AI script was updated:
  • Difficulty reduced on the lower difficulty settings:
  • AI now asks for tributes less often
  • AI now responds when denying tribute requests
  • AI now responds more often to taunt 31 ("attack now")
  • AI now properly responds to taunts 35 ("stop building a navy") and 37 ("build a wonder")
  • Implemented sn-livestock-to-town-center
  • Implemented scout-flank for up-send-scout
  • Adjusted sn-prefered-trade-distance to bring its behavior more in line community expectations
  • Adjusted sn-wall-targeting-mode in a way that should not affect human players
  • AI players now gather their sheep inside their town centers instead of just beside them
  • AI workers gathering boar will now by default choose town centers as drop sites
  • up-retreat-now now instructs ungrouped soldiers and boats to retreat in addition to grouped land soldiers
  • up-retreat-now sends boats to the first available dock and land units to the first available town center
  • up-retreat-now now issues fewer individual commands to units, which should improve performance in multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where up-reset-unit did not handle -1 as an input correctly
  • Fixed an issue where up-drop-resources would not affect workers gathering food from boars
  • Fixed an issue where up-resource-status was giving incorrect results when a technology was unavailable to the civilization that was calling it
  • Fixed an issue where up-send-scout was sending scouts to strange places
  • Fixed an issue where standard and conquerors AI players' names would always appear in the host's language in a multiplayer game
  • Fixed an issue where restoring a save game with conquerors AIs would cause the AIs revert to the default AI behaviour
  • Fixed an issue where the standard AI would not choose a "leader name" for itself once the game had started
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would not properly respond to bear attacks
  • Fixed an issue where the AI in the last player slot in a multiplayer game would have no name for clients
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when an AI villager was hunting boar
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when an AI was creating and issuing orders to soldier groups


The following changes apply to AoF only and do not affect balance in the base AOE II HD game.

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Game Balance Changes (from AoC 1.0c)

General Gameplay

  • Houses cost -5 wood (25 wood)
  • Palisade walls take +1 second to build
  • Stone walls take +3 seconds to build
  • Stone walls -50% HP in feudal age
  • Building HP reduced in Dark and Feudal Age
  • Onagers can kill trees
  • Trebuchets can attack trees a lot better now
  • Villagers can be garrisoned inside rams
  • Castles +1 LOS (range bug)
  • Guard Tower gets +1 attack
  • Keep gets +1 attack.
  • Transport Ship available in Dark Age.
  • Palisade Gate cost decreased to 20W.
  • Fish Traps building time decreased by 13 sec (train time=40, farms are still 15)


  • 1. Britons - 9.81%
  • 2. Celts - 8.33%
  • 3. Huns - 6.30%