Update 4-December: Try out the new Monthly Ladder - rating displayed is the rating change since the 1st of the month. Please note the rating are shared across The Forgotten Empires and the base AoE II games. Also note that some stats from The Forgotten Empires including civ stats aren't coming correctly from Steam yet.

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Rank User Games Win% Rating

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The following changes apply to AoF only and do not affect balance in the base AOE II HD game.

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Game Balance Changes (from AoC 1.0c)

General Gameplay

  • Houses cost -5 wood (25 wood)
  • Palisade walls take +1 second to build
  • Stone walls take +3 seconds to build
  • Stone walls -50% HP in feudal age
  • Building HP reduced in Dark and Feudal Age
  • Onagers can kill trees
  • Trebuchets can attack trees a lot better now
  • Villagers can be garrisoned inside rams
  • Castles +1 LOS (range bug)
  • Guard Tower gets +1 attack
  • Keep gets +1 attack.
  • Transport Ship available in Dark Age.
  • Palisade Gate cost decreased to 20W.
  • Fish Traps building time decreased by 13 sec (train time=40, farms are still 15)


The patch notes below affect the base game and expansion. Patches in the future will be separated into two categories, one that affects both the base and expansion, and a category for changes that are expansion only. Discussion for the notes below can be found at this thread

There has been a tiny hotfix to resolve the following issues in 3.0:

  • Loc displaying issues in languages other than english. (No Chinese did not start with an eagle scout).
  • Capture the Relic - ensuring monastery was invulnerable for a few specific edge cases
  • Game speed options in UI functions properly when selecting. You can still use num+ / - to go up to 8x in single player.

If you are not updated to version 3 in game, please restart your steam client entirely to ensure the game is updating. Unfortunately due to file format and data structure changes, your previous saved games may not work in 3.0.


In a surprise announcement during our livestream today, patch 2.6 is LIVE!

As always - if you have any issues please first try from the main menu options screen, delete your player profile and create it again. Discuss the patch / livestream Here Watch the livestream VOD Here Curious about patch 2.5 changes? We've got that covered too

2.6 Patch notes from SkyBox Labs


  • Mayans have their eagle warrior back (instead of a scout cavalry).
  • Detailed ELO information can be displayed in the main menu while in the multiplayer section. You can mouse over it for even more detailed information.
  • ELO rankings now show up in the lobbies, and update appropriately depending on mode.
  • Whenever you complete a match, you will get details about how your ELO rankings were effected. It will also detail reasons why ELO rankings wouldn't have changed too, such as playing a game containing AIs, or aborting a match before the time limit elapsed.
  • The Steam Overlay should no longer interfere with frame rate issues.
  • Games will not effect ELO until the game has been played for 90 seconds. This has been reduced from 5 minutes in RM and 2 minutes in DM. Both modes are now 90 seconds based on game speed (i.e. 'fast' is 2.0 speed, so actual time is 45 seconds)
  • History screen now plays correct sounds for each of the civs.
  • In game event notifications for finding sheep, completing research, etc., are showing up again.


  • 1. Britons - 10.04%
  • 2. Celts - 6.53%
  • 3. Huns - 6.21%